Sindh Human Rights Commission ~ Government of Sindh
Complaint Form


Power & Functions of the Commission

The Commission Shall;

  • Inquire, suo-moto or on a Petition by victim or any person on his/her behalf into complaint of:

          1. Violation of Human Rights or Abetment thereof;

          2. Negligence in the prevention of such violation, by a public servant;

  • Recommend to Government the remedial measures including action to be taken against the person involved in Violation of Human Rights;
  • Formulate, implement and regularly update policies with a view to protect Human Rights;
  • Visit, under intimation to Government, any jail or institution under the control of Government where persons are kept or detained or admitted for purpose of treatment, reformation or protection to see the living conditions of inmates and make recommendations there on;
  • Review the safeguards provided by or under the Constitution or any law for the time being in force for protection of Human Rights and recommend measures for their effective implementation;
  • Study treaties and other international Instruments on Human Rights and make recommendations for their effective implementation.
  • Undertake and promote research in the field of Human Rights;
  • Spread Human Rights literacy among various sections of society;
  • Promote awareness of the safeguards available for protection of Human Rights through print and electronic media, seminar and other available means.
  • Encourage the efforts of nongovernmental organizations and institutions working in the field of Human Rights.
  • Publish or cause to be published various policies, details, data and information relevant to the affairs of the Commission on a regular basis and ensure reasonable access of the public to the same;
  • Appoint such officers and staff as may be necessary for carrying out the purposes of this Act, subject to the approval of Government; and
  • Shall perform such other functions necessary for protection of Human Rights, as may be prescribed.